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School guidelines
  • On the first Saturday of every month from 9 am to 11 am teachers are available for personal talks about anything

concerning the progress, conduct and attendance of a student. All other times, teachers may be contacted 

by appointment.

  • Periodic Assessment Reports should be signed by all the parents or guardians and returned within two days.
  • As the language spoken in classes at school is English, all students and parents are expected and urged to

communicate in English.

  • Remedial classes are held every Saturday between 9 am and 12 noon for students with special needs.
  • All pupils are expected to be regular, punctual and well prepared in their lessons.
  • Parents are requested to co-operate with the teaching staff and ensure the progress of their child by paying

attention to their school attendance, punctuality and discipline, and by taking interest in their academic work.

  • Parents are expected to check the school diary daily and note the teacher's remarks or any other announcement

and acknowledge the same by putting their signature against the remarks/announcement.

  • Parents are requested to ensure that their children come to school in a clean uniform with neat socks and

well-polished shoes.

  • Students arriving late will only be admitted to the class with the permission of the Principal or respective


  • No student is allowed to leave the school in school hours with anyone other than the parents. In case of an

emergency, parents should contact the Principal or respective Coordinators in person.

  • Parents are expected to inform the school immediately whenever there is a change in address &

contact numbers. Not updating contact details may attract a financial penalty.

  • Every student must take part in school games and other activities unless declared physically unfit or exempted

by the Principal or respective Coordinators.

  • In the interest of their child, the school expects the participation of both parents in all functions conducted by

the school.

  • The exclusive educational material will be provided by the school. Parents may, however, be asked to provide

materials or special projects.

  • No books or other articles (cassettes, CDs, toys, video games, etc.) should be brought unless specifically

asked for.

  • Irregular attendance, idleness, disobedience, use of bad language and disrespect towards others may trigger


  • Care must be taken of all school property. Financial penalties WILL BE STRICTLY IMPOSED on students found

responsible for damaging school property. Management decision in this respect will be final.

  • While the school takes maximum possible care to ensure the safety and security of each student, in case of any

accidental injuries/losses school staff and/or management are not responsible.

NOTE: All parents of our students are expected to read and accept these rules. Parents not accepting the above rules, and last two in particular, are requested to inform the management immediately in writing so that appropriate action (which may include expulsion of their child) may be taken. In the absence of any written rejection from parents, it is assumed that these rules are accepted.


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