Representatives from Jagran Lakecity University, rated amongst the Top 25 in India and No. 1 in Madhya Pradesh visited EPS on 5th December 2022. The Outreach Manager – Ms Bhavana Gokhale and Dr Anshika conducted a very engaging and informative session for students in which various career options are available after completing Grade 12.


On 19 November 2022 (Saturday), representatives from Ashoka University, one of the top private university in India visited EPS and the Outreach Manager – Mr. Siddharth conducted sessions for students in which he explainded the admission process with special emphasis on (1) statement of purpose (2) personal essay, (3) facing interview and (4) schiolarship.

The session was very enagaging and infomative and helped the students to understand the university admission process better.

Career counseling is the most effective route for young students and aspirants to discover the vast span and scope of different career paths.

Bearing in mind that ‘choosing a career can make or break a life’ and that the schools can support its graduating students at this crucial juncture of their lives, a career counseling expert, Team Edu-Wire were invited to EPS on 29th January 2022, for the students and parents of Grades 11, 12 and the out-going batch of DP Diploma Holders, who wish to pursue higher education in other states of India and abroad.

Mr. Athar Khan, the managing director of Edu-Wire and chief university admissions consultant, led the interactive discussions during which students and teachers asked questions and clarified their doubts regarding higher education opportunities in different parts of the world. Mrs. Rubina Khan, a Canadian permanent residency advisor and an international education consultant with more than 20 years of experience, gave the audience an idea of the cost involved in the process of application, college fees and boarding, and the scholarships and stipend offered in countries around the world.

She also spoke about the edge the IB DP students have over students from other programmes and highlighted the fact that the EPSites are one of the most fortunate students in the world.

Not only for the cost of their IB education but also for the fact that they are achieving IB DP diploma right here in Bhopal and in a socially and ethically safe and empathetic institution.

Living in a world where there is a dearth of knowledge and awareness regarding the various career options, each student faces common questions concerning their streams. This is where career counselling plays a pivotal role. Career counselling helps us get an insight into ourselves, know more about our areas of strengths and improvements, and take well-informed career-related decisions. Perceiving this significance, EPS organized 3 career-counselling sessions this month witnessing experts from the Mindler, Krea University, and Anant National University. Mr. Deepankar from Mindler highlighted on the pre-requisites required for abroad education, scholarships and the importance of having a holistic profile.

The college officers essentially emphasized the scope of pursuing careers in fields other than the stereotypical ones, the concept of interwoven or multi-disciplinary learning and the courses and scholarships provided by their respective universities.

All the sessions were highly informative and interactive. Certainly, such sessions certify that the finest opportunities, support, and guidance are given to each EPSite to take the most appropriate career-related decisions in their near future.


Career choice is the most important decision one can make. The kind of support and guidance one receives in this process, can often form the fine line between a successful and an unsuccessful career decision. Keeping this significance in mind, EPS brought Mindler Session for their students, to create a comparison of the main platforms available in India, so that we can plan our future wisely. The session on December 10th at EPS with Mr. Parikshit was an enlightening one and stated all those things which a student should have before getting into any college. Fundamentally, he exemplified how Mindler will contribute to the student’s success which included career assessments, counseling processes, long-term programmes, knowledge repository, value-added services and lots more. Furthermore, we EPSites were so gratified and handed over him our token of thanks which was handmade and in Mr. Parikshit’s words “This is the best gift I have ever received from any school.” This brought us to the end of the session which filled our hearts with lots and lots of hope from Mindler and enthusiasm to work with them in the future for gaining huge benefits.


EPS hosted an array of Universities on 25th and 27th October from across the country with an intention to provide guidance to the students of EPS to take the most informed decisions to plan for their undergraduate studies. The sessions from the admission officers clarified a lot of queries that the students had and made them think about their career specializations, scholarships, and entrance exam preparations.

There are very few schools that open their University visits as an open session for the Bhopal community. EPS invited the Bhopal community for all the University visits that took place in the month. There was also a counseling session for all parents of EPS to inform them about the career choices, scholarships, entrance exams and the career guidance provided at EPS. It was a phenomenal and very active month for the school with 14 Universities that visited the school just in the month of October. This will be the start of various other University visits from India and abroad.

Below are the list of Universities that visited EPS in the month of October:

  1. Symbiosis University of Applied Sciences, Indore
  2. Indian School of Design and Innovation, Mumbai
  3. Krea University, Andhra Pradesh
  4. VIT University, Bhopal
  5. Ananth National University, Ahmedabad.
  6. Azim Premji University, Bengaluru
  7. Flame University, Pune
  8. Narsee Monji Institute of Management Studies: Mumbai
  9. Shiv Nadar University, Greater Noida
  10. Ashoka University, Haryana
  11. O.P Jindal University, Haryana
  12. Jagran Lakecity University, Bhopal
  13. Universal Business School, Mumbai
  14. Bennett University, Greater Noida

The school hosted its Gr.XII University applications Counselling session with parents and students on 13th October. The purpose of the session was to make all the parents ready and proactive for the next few months as it is the most critical phase for the students to send in University applications in India & abroad along with entrance exams registration, preparation and attempting. Several key questions were raised by the parents on the expenses, passport renewal, entrance exam preparations, and university shortlists which were all clarified by the school College counselor. A checklist sheet was handed over to the parents to ensure none of the important tasks are missed out on and this would serve as a clear guidance. The school believes that this session would ensure the next few months are smooth and clear for the students and parents to ensure all the students get into desired universities as per the plan without any hassles.



EPS hosted one of its best action packed Career guidance and planning workshop on October 10th,2018. This was conducted by Mr.Prikshit Dhanda the Director and Strategic officer at Mindler. The session focused on the importance of preparing for the Universities entrance exams at the top universities in India and applying to the right universities for several popular career options that the EPS students plan to pursue. Students thoroughly enjoyed the session as it was highly informative, impactful and fun.

EPS is working with Mindler on implementing Career guidance and planning system very soon. This would be the first of several sessions at EPS.


Jagran Lakecity University (JLU) admission officers visited EPS on 1st October,2018 to interact with the DP students. The University officers had a very interactive session with the students to present the various courses in the offering and infrastructure setup at the campus. There were several questions that the students had on the courses they plan to aspire and they were all clarified. This was the 2nd visit by JLU within 1 year. Several students of EPS who have graduated from the school study currently at JLU and JLU admission officers were really keen on visiting as the EPSites are real standouts at the University with their communication skills, leadership, academic writing and research skills. JLU are very keen on having the upcoming students who graduate from EPS to study at their University.


As EPS is partnered with Global reach for its abroad education, several students from Gr.XII had one on one sessions with expert counsellors on 24th September 2018 to share their University Shortlists, Entrance exam preparation plans and Financial plans to study abroad. This session was crucial for the Gr.XII students to be very clear and ensure that they are on track with the right plans as the University applications for studying abroad within the next few months. Students will soon be taking a mock IELTS exam at the Global reach office as well which would provide the students a complete clarity on the strengths and weakness of each student for the English proficiency exam. This will then help the students to have a more effective and efficient preparation for scoring well in the IELTS exam. The Global reach counsellors were truly impressed by the hard work, research and plans that has gone into the abroad universities shortlists, Letter of Recommendation, Entrance exams and personal essay.


EPS had its first ever senior school College counselling assembly on 26th September,2018. The purpose of this session was to create awareness among the students and teachers on the importance of College counselling. The 30 minutes session covered the new career fields that students should think of getting into for their future along with the importance of dreaming big, exploring scholarships, writing a good personal essay and having good relationships with the teachers to ensure a quality Letter of Recommendation is written by the teachers. It was a great eye opener for a lot of students as majority of them only had Engineering/Medicine/Management as their career options as they were the only fields they were aware of. This will be the start of several Career & College counselling sessions with senior school students from Gr.IX- XII as a holistic Career Counselling curriculum for students from Gr.IX-XII is in place.


As EPS is partnered with Global reach in its Career Counselling, the school conducts a career match test for all students from Gr.IX-XII. A very detailed report is generated for every student which is an excellent guidance & support document for students to decide and think about the Career fields that would suit them the most. This report is used by the senior school teachers and the College counselor at EPS in assisting students in the subject choices for the Diploma programme and undergraduate course choices.


The career guidance setup at EPS firmly believes that the top Universities visiting the school and interacting with the students is essential to make students aware about the array of course options available to students, get guidance on scholarships available and understanding the true experience of studying in a university.

On 7th September 2018, Ashoka University and O.P Jindal University visited EPS to interact with the Gr.XI & XII students on the courses available at the Universities and the prospect of studying there. Ashoka University has won the University of the year award in Internationalization, they are one of the best universities in India providing a truly International studying experience whereas O.P Jindal is a state of the art Multidisciplinary University and one of the top research-intensive universities in the country.

These are just the first of several top universities in the country and the world that will be visiting EPS in the coming months. These visits will ensure that all the best possible opportunities, guidance and support is given to the students in making the most informed and suitable decision possible for their career in the future.


Eastern Public School hosted its first ever Career Day event on March 12th for classes from Grade VIII to XI. Experts from an array of fields were present at the event to interact with the students and to inform them about the various career opportunities and specializations that are available for them. The event started with a session by Dr.Anupama Maheswari guiding students on how to choose the right career, based on their personality, aptitude, and interests. This was followed by a session by Mr.Haider Ali on the importance of ethics and values in the life of an individual no matter where students study or work in future.

The event was a culmination of great knowledge and expertise of guest speakers from the field of Psychology, Cyber Crime, Law, Sports, Bio–Sciences and Sciences. The purpose of the event was to create awareness among the students about the excellent career opportunities awaiting them other than the stereotypical ones like Engineering and Medicine.

This event was an extremely important step for EPS in the right direction, contributing to the mission of the school in creating ethical entrepreneurs. The Career Day helped the students to start planning, researching and thinking about their future career prospects well in advance. Such events emphasize the school’s priority and efforts in ensuring every student at EPS is well guided and gets into a career that has true demand in the market, students are encouraged to pursue and plan careers’ that they are most passionate about.