Primary Years Programme Coordinator

Amna Jabeen

Primary Years Programme Coordinator,Eastern Public School

Ms. Amna Jabeen completed her Graduation in Mathematics, Statistics, and Economics from Punjab University in 1997. She joined EPS in 2019 as a Grade 4 Home Room Teacher. Being part of an IB School opened the door to a new world of learning for her. Attending the PD sessions, workshops, and job-alike sessions gave her a unique taste of understanding and expertise. In 2021, she assumed the role of Grade Level Coordinator for Grade 4. Due to her proficiency in Mathematics, subsequently elevated to the position of PYP Math Coordinator in 2023.

In the most recent governance restructuring, Amna has been chosen as the new PYP Coordinator at EPS – a well-deserved role owing to her passion for Mission-EPS and great interpersonal skills.

Driven by her penchant for devising strategies that empower students in constructing their understanding, she strives to facilitate an environment where students actively take charge of their learning. She is dedicated to enhancing engagement in PYP classrooms and enriching curricula with depth and constructivism. Her primary areas of interest include exploring strategies in inquiry, curriculum design, design thinking, teacher training, and pedagogical leadership. Ms. Amna collaborates closely with all members of the PYP team and ensures effective curriculum planning and documentation while also contributing to strengthening the 3 Es of EPS.