A visit to Azim Premji University

A visit to Azim Premji University

On 16th January, grade 11 (DP) students participated in the “Forest of Life Festival,” organized by Azim Premji University in Bhopal. The event unfolded as a celebration of the inspiring stories of individuals and communities passionately dedicated to the conservation of our last remaining wild lands.

The students were captivated by tales of environmental champions who have made significant strides in preserving the biodiversity and natural beauty of our planet. The  EPSites took a walk through the exhibits, showcasing the wonders of a total of 150 diverse Indian forests through the lens of the storytellers, speakers, interns, and practitioners. These stories were powerful sources of inspiration, igniting a sense of purpose and responsibility in young minds.

The festival showcased the importance of preserving our ecosystems and emphasized the collective efforts needed to safeguard our planet for future generations. Engaging activities, interactive exhibits, and discussions with conservationists provided students with a profound understanding of the challenges faced by our environment and the meaningful contributions one can make to address them.

In the future, EPS plans to conduct more educational visits/trips/exchanges, which will surely help students gain a broad spectrum of knowledge.

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