School Policy and Guidelines


A positive school climate and a safe learning and teaching environment are essential if students are to succeed in school. A positive school climate means everyone feels they are welcome and respected. Good behavior and discipline are key foundations for good education. Without an orderly atmosphere effective teaching and learning cannot take place. We expect and insist on the highest standards of behavior throughout our school.

Courtesy, good manners and consideration for others, together with self-discipline and a proper respect for authority, are encouraged at all times and are important if we are to make our school a true, caring community. We place great emphasis on praising children for politeness and kindness to others. All students, parents, teachers and staff have the right to be safe, and feel safe, in their school community. With this right comes the responsibility for everyone to be accountable for their actions and contribute to a positive school climate. Therefore binding ground rule is “RESPECT FOR EVERYONE”.

Disciplinary Consequences

Teachers have the authority to utilize various behavior management techniques to encourage positive student behavior within the classroom and the building. If the student fails to behave as expected, all actions have the consequences.

Unacceptable conduct is divided in 2 levels of offenses which may result in disciplinary action under this code. A student, who commits an act of misconduct that is not listed, is also subject to disciplinary action.

Yellow card Behaviors are the minor offenses and Red Card Behaviors are Major offenses.


Discipline Policy