Mindler workshop 2019

Mindler workshop 2019

A mind-blowing session on career choices held in the school

October 26 turned out to be an informative day for all. A session on ‘How To Shape Your Student’s Career For A Secure Future’ was held at Eastern Public School.

Shilpa Singh, in-charge of Student Engagements for Mindler, conducted Mindler workshop, especially for the teachers of Middle School and DP. Mindler is a venture run by alumni from Harvard, ISB, IIT, and the world’s best psychometrician. It is India’s leading career guidance and mapping platform for high school and college students.

Shilpa explained a holistic purview of the entire education and skill-building spectrum – from schools to organizations. The teachers were seen as excited and keenly interested while interacting with the expert. Her bubbling enthusiasm and the humorous tone was highly infectious and made learning a fun endeavor for all. She discussed the skills in demand and various work profiles in different streams. In the end, she also thanked and paid tribute to all the teachers for playing such an important role in the lives of the youth.

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