The IB DP Results – Cohort 2020-21

The IB DP Results – Cohort 2020-21

Alhamdulillah, with a combination of patience, perseverance, and rigor, the hallmark of an EPSite, Cohort 2020-21 was able to achieve the second-best ever DP result, by scoring an average of 32.5 which matches the world average score.

The DP students, teachers, and parents have proven that they can stand challenging times and circumstances. They achieved the second-best historical score of DP results, just next to 2018, where the 2018 cohort scored 3 points above the global average. EPS prodigies, Khizra Taj made an unforgettable history by securing 44 points [near perfect of 45] and Abbas Mirza scoring 40 – an exceptional victory for our school and students. A total of 15 DP students got their highly coveted and aspired for IB Diploma this year.


Khizra Taj

Student Cohort 2020-21

The very foundation of EPS is built upon the perception of transforming its students into compassionate and conscientious human beings, through its Applied Islamic Studies Program and indoctrinating lifelong learning attributes into our personalities by providing us with the world’s top-notch education through the IB program.

For me, completing the Diploma Program at EPS has been a gratifying and enriching experience. It has allowed me to grow both academically and as a better individual under the tutelage of my supportive, patient, and encouraging teachers. My two years in DP have been replete with great memories, friendships, achievements, and immense anxiety, and panic at the same time. Undoubtedly, IBDP is a rigorous program, but it has pushed me and my fellow batchmates to become independent learners.

Inclined more towards practicality, IB courses offered us knowledge that transcended beyond textbooks and provided us the liberty to research what sparked our thoughts. While mandatory (and certainly demanding) subject components such as Internal Assessments, Extended Essay, and TOK groomed us academically, enhancing our research, analytical and critical-thinking skills, CAS, which was my favorite part of DP, helped us give back to our community and hone our skills through co-curriculars. This program has helped me foster a strong sense of resilience and enabled me to craft a personal approach towards learning while emphasizing the value of self-reflection.

It goes without saying that EPS has been my home, my inspiration, and my defining factor. The nurturing environment here has indeed helped me achieve great results, Alhamdulillah, and made me realize how excellence is not sought after but cultivated within oneself.

Abbas Mirza

Student Cohort 2020-21

I, Abbas Mirza recently graduated from EPS as an IBDP student. Alhamdulillah , I obtained a score of 40 over 45. I believe that enrolling in the IB Diploma Program was the best decision I made in high school! I chose IB DP because I wanted to challenge myself; push my boundaries, step out of my comfort zone and learn a new style of thinking that involved more than just memorization. The journey was full of ups and downs and required a high degree of consistency. I would like to express my gratitude towards my beloved teachers who relentlessly helped me. Unlocking this achievement seems unimaginable for me without the support of my teachers. I sincerely thank this institution and its caretakers for providing me with a platform that helped me as a learner and seeker of knowledge.

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    asslamualaikum khizra and abbas,
    i have few questions from both of you. i want to know what are your future goals ?
    do you find any difference in studying from EPS and from any other renowned cbse school. do you find ib course competent enough to face any exam like NEET, IAS etc ?
    plz reply

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