Sports Day 2019

Sports Day 2019

What a sight it was to see the EPSites entering the school campus in full swing for the annual sports day on December 22. The winter morning turned out to be the most exciting one for EPSites and audience as the Eastern Public school observed its Annual Sports Day on December 22, 2019, just before the winter break in the beautiful school campus. This year’s sports day witnessed the enthralling performances and hard work put-up by all.

To begin with the enthralling day, Head of School Javed Khan motivated the students and declared the sports meet open.

The event began with the energetic Grade 1 performance, wherein they presented physical training exercises. This is not all, but the little tots also presented stunts making the audience go wow.

The day was followed with Maths Relay by junior grades, races tuning the fine motor skills along with demonstrating gross motor movements. The event was more fun with the races like relays, 100 m, 200 m, spoon race, 3 legged race, sack race, house events like tug of war, relay and skating competition to name a few. Parents distributed the prizes to students after each segment and the spectators continuously cheered the participants and made the event enthralling.

This event also culminated the house competitions for the year, with houses standing neck to neck, differing with meager points.

There is a great importance of games and sports in EPS for the students making sports an essential part of their lives. Sports is a great way to teach discipline to the students. They also develop the spirit of sportsmanship and suddenly derive a lot of pleasure by playing games. It also inculcates the quality of team spirit in them. The students learn the qualities of leadership and working united.

In the end, a participant may win or lose but learns to accept both victories and defeats with grace.


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