Quran recitation (Qirat) Program 2019

Quran recitation (Qirat) Program 2019

And indeed we have made the Quran easy to understand and remember; so is there any who will remember (or who will take heed)?” ( Al-Quran: S.Qamar – 32)

For the first time, Anjuman Tahseen’ul Qur’an-Quran recitation Program was successfully conducted on December 4 at Eastern Public School.

It was one of the most memorable events, wherein 27 students were selected through a rigorous, 2 months selection process for the final performance, from Grade 6-9. The criteria of the performance included Memorization, Recitation, confidence, knowledge related to Tajweed. The performance of each participant left the audience spellbound. Finally, the winners were awarded trophies and medals.

Our DP students were also honored with Juzz Amma memorization certificates. It was an attempt to prepare the students for this life and hereafter. We are thankful to our Qur’anic studies team for their efforts. May Allah guide us to learn, understand and apply Qur’anic teachings in our life.

Our websites Journey of Juzz Amma memorization:

“The Juzz Amma journey – since my Early Years in EPS has been an exceptionally incredible experience for me. Memorizing all the 37 surahs is truly nothing less than an achievement not just for myself, but rather for all the students. Personally, the best part of this journey was learning the Tafseer ( meaning & translation)of the surahs. Honestly, understanding them, enabled me to enhance the quality of my salah as even though I could understand and retain little, it forced me to contemplate on the words I was reciting.” (Khizra Taj – Grade-11)

“Understanding and memorizing surah of Juzz Amma was made interesting and easy for me at EPS since my Primary years. I feel proud of myself that I am learning Islamic knowledge and my worldly education all together at the same time. May Allah SWT guide me to practice this knowledge in my life and bestow His blessings on my teachers.” (Mariyam Zafar- Grade-11)

“Allah SWT has blessed me with a thousand different blessings, but probably the biggest of them all was that I got the opportunity and the guidance to memorize a part of the Qur’an, that will always and forever stay with me, no matter where in the world I go. The support from all my teachers throughout the journey has been commendable, and I appreciate all the efforts that they put in day in and day out. The constant support from the teachers throughout has helped me emerge as a better person, and I cannot ever thank them enough”. (Madiha Arshad – Grade-11)

“Quran is the word of Allah which helps and teaches the true meaning of life, which Allah (SWT) has sent through our Prophet (SAW). Alhamdulillah Allah(SWT) has given us the chance to memorize a part of it. Successfully we have memorized Juzz Amma this is the learning which will help us in the hereafter.” (Aamna sultan – Gr.11)

“Part of growing up spiritually is learning to be grateful for all things, even our difficulties, disappointments, failures, and humiliation.”

During my entire journey of 14 years at EPS, I have seen myself grow to become a person different from who I would have been if I were somewhere else and I am extremely grateful to every teacher who helped me become who I am. I was not taught the knowledge of this world alone but more importantly the theoretical and practical understanding of Islam which I could not have done by myself. Thank you so much EPS!!!”  (Tasneem Khan – Grade-11)

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