PYP Exhibition 2021-22

PYP Exhibition 2021-22

Hosted by Eastern Public School, the Primary Years Programme (PYP) student-led exhibition was all about the fifth graders working on global challenges and taking action. It was a virtual exhibition, where parents were invited on Google Meet to watch the students showcase their immense research talent and their findings.

The barely 11year-old students worked on open themes this time beyond the planned ‘Programme of Inquiry’. The students of Grade 5 exhibited and presented their research projects and proposed solutions and identified the actions to be taken to resolve these real-life global concerns.

The students presented their learning on six major global challenges including ‘Child Rights’, , ‘Mental Health’ , ‘Space Exploration’ , ‘Impact of Innovation on Society’ , ‘Refugee Crisis’ and ‘Art Piracy’ under the able guidance of their group mentors.

The students were able to showcase the ten IB learner profile attributes and Islamic learner profiles impressing the audience with their research, social, thinking, and communication skills and demonstration of their in-depth conceptual understanding and amazing presentation skills.

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