PYP-Exhibition 2020

PYP-Exhibition 2020

What a wonderful culmination of our PYP journey! The learnings, inquiring, curiosity and a lot of thinking – all fun is about PYP Exhibition. It was a much-awaited unit for all of us.

It all started with our first-ever orientation by our HRTs. During the orientation, we discussed all the do’s and don’ts of the Exhibition; some rules and regulations of the event. We all were hyper-excited for the upcoming event. This year we chose the Transdisciplinary theme- ‘Sharing The Planet’.

The breathtaking part was to think about the global issues that need immediate action. After much brainstorming sessions, we decided seven issues that are in ‘red-zone’ according to us i.e. need immediate action.

These issues were Lack of Quality Education, Global Warming, Misuse of Technology, Conflicts and Wars, Water, Wildlife Conservation and Malnutrition. Then came the day when we were assigned our groups. We rigorously worked on these global issues and came up with the actions we have taken.

At last, the D-day i.e. on January 19 came and we all were scattered with a huge bundle of questions, but we entered with the name of Allah and made it so fabulous. The parents, teachers, and friends who visited our exhibition were happy to see our work and the deep inquiry we made. They were fascinated with the actions we took. PYP Exhibition will remain a lifetime memory for all of us.

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