Project Infaaq Survey

Project Infaaq Survey

Give charity without delay for it stands in the way of calamity. (Tirmidhi)

Project Infaaq is one of the most important and biggest projects EPS does every year.

In Project Infaaq, EPS family participates together to feed the underprivileged people of the city in the Holy month of Ramadan. Every year we aim for something big and this year’s target is to provide Ramadan food packets to 900 families around the city. Our very first step is fundraising for the project and it has begun.

In order to be effective and quick in our approach, we planned various fundraising activities, events etc to collect the target amount of 13 lakhs as soon as possible. Finding needy families is one of the most crucial things for us to make sure that our help and support should reach to those who are truly in need. For this, we do surveys around the city on the basis of some criteria set. We have started this noble project from our side, but without the support of our whole community, it won’t succeed. We are hopeful that every person wanting to help their community will InshaAlllah contribute for this noble cause.

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