Parents Speak: Transforming Lives with Faith

Parents Speak: Transforming Lives with Faith

I am extremely elated to share that my son Ahmad Siddiqui enjoys every day at school. He has been applying Islamic values and seeking understanding from Islamic classes at school. I would like to share some recent incidences. During a visit to his grandparents, he appreciated the food and explained to his grandmother how she was doing Sadqa while cooking for her guests and serving with love.

On his birthday, he requested us to get some toys for our maid’s children from his pocket money so as to do a little sadqa on his part.

He understands that he shouldn’t lie or keep any secrets from parents and how it leads to evil deeds in duniya and accountability in akhirah’. He confessed about how he gets distracted in his study time and promised to be more sincere in future.

He has built a wonderful bond with his teachers (Mashallah). The teachers at EPS inculcate the characteristics of a true Muslim in their students. Their patience, kindness consistency, persistent willingness to help the students reminds me of the relationship between Moosa (A.S) and Yusha (A.S).

Education is successful if it transforms lives. What kids learn at school is brought home and vice versa through a ripple effect. We must work as partners with the teachers to help develop the “Aqidah” that defines a Muslim and shapes their actions and behaviour. Together, we contribute to instill the love of Islam in their little impressionable and tender hearts & make them strongly adhere to the core Islamic values of ‘humanity and purpose’.

Tehreem Faraz Mother of Ahmad Siddiqui 4-B

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