Mock Test Reporting and Diploma Program Orientation

Mock Test Reporting and Diploma Program Orientation

Together we give the children the roots to grow and the wings to fly

Parents are the foundation of a child’s learning and the roots of their confidence. The engagement of parents in their children’s education is critical and serves as a catalyst for their success. The priority of EPS is the parents’ trust and involvement.

EPS held a PTM on 22nd January to report on Grade 10 students’ progress and performance in the IGCSE mock exams and inform parents about the upcoming Diploma Programme.

The program began with the mock test results and a discussion with subject teachers about each student’s performance and feedback and feedforward on what could be done to improve the results in the final examination.

The Diploma Programme Orientation was led by the Senior School Principal Dr. Fraz Ahmed. He provided very crucial and significant information on the curriculum (TOK, CAS, EE), topic options, and the fees structure.

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