Math Relay 2019

Math Relay 2019

The most awaited and the most frolic event, the inter-house Math Relay was held on December 22. It was an alluring event and was full with excitement.

Math Relay gave students a chance to challenge themselves; to know their own ability and also helped everyone to overcome the fear of Mathematics. Math Relay is all about speed and accuracy.

The Relay was divided into three categories. Category I consisted of grade 1 to 4. Category II consisted of grades 5 to 8. Grades 9 to 12 were in Category III. The commitment with which each participant worked was appreciable. Everyone participated with enthusiasm and zest.

The smart heads of each category made everyone more enthusiastic for the Relay. In Category I, the First position was secured by Green House, followed by Blue House. In Category II, Blue House was the first and second was Green House. In category III, Green House took the first position, while blue House took the second position.

Overall, it was a very successful and a very accomplishing event. Each participant showcased their talent and brilliance in each round, grabbing applauses from the audience. The Math Relay was appreciated by many people and everyone loved to be a part of this Relay. It was a magnificent event and is undoubtedly remembering.


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