ISP-Parenting Session

ISP-Parenting Session

“When little people are overwhelmed by big emotions, it is our job to share our calm, not join their chaos.” – LR KnostM.

It was yet another Parenting Session on January 11, but what made it different and special at the same time was the participation of fathers and the age-specific issues were addressed by our expert.

The teachers/mentors and both the parents of the children around us; decided to put our heads together to understand and reflect the needs and challenges this delicate and fragile generation is fighting back today.

The words of wisdom from the Quran quoted and presented in a simplified version by Haider Ali (member: Quranic Studies Department) was a great reminder for everyone about the responsibilities we hold.

The myth buster part of the session proved to be a vantage definitely; the multiple challenges faced by our youngsters in today’s scenario was yet another eye-opener by Mohammad Aslam, Life Coach, and Mentor.

The simple yet thought-provoking messages from our students to their parents were emotional and appalling for everyone.

The participation of parents was commendable: from their attendance to enthusiasm in ‘How Well You Know Your Partner?’ game; from the challenges they faced, to the challenges their children are facing, all reflected their willingness.

Witnessing a heartwarming end; parents committed to giving their precious time without judging, advising, and scolding.

This collaboration will definitely reach the hearts and souls of our fragile adults; grooming them into powerful Generation and may Allah accept it from us.

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