Inter-House Islamic Quiz Competitions

Inter-House Islamic Quiz Competitions

Inter-House competitions always bring forth an extraordinarily vibrant and valiant fervor among all the students and teachers. The students learn the importance of healthy competition and learning, which is pivotal in surviving today’s society.

The Inter-House Islamic quiz held on November 20 was an event studded with the stars of knowledge and competence. The participants from every house were undoubtedly well prepared and were ready to face any challenge thrown their way, so much so that the audience was often left enthralled and at a loss for words.

The quiz was divided into several engaging, stimulating, and equally challenging rounds. The event began with a serene recitation from Mohammad Atif of grade 12, which left a lingering sense of peace amongst everyone present. The rounds were strenuous and demanding, but all the participants conquered all the challenges with commendable confidence.

Green House emerged as the winner with the first position, followed by Red, Blue, and Yellow house. During the quiz, we also learned an extremely crucial lesson, that it’s not always about whether you lose or win, it’s about how you take it, what you learn from it, and how you let it help you grow.

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