IB Teachers @ EPS – Lifelong Learners

IB Teachers @ EPS – Lifelong Learners

Lifelong learning is an integral part of IB philosophy and pedagogy. Not just for students but teachers as well.

Regular opportunities for professional and personal development are a vital aspect of EPS culture. From small collaborative groups to large departmental in-house sessions to external, regional workshops by IB experts, the PYP teachers are rigorously trained to ensure a successful program implementation.

This time the focus of our in-house program-level learning was the new IB Standards and Practices. Facilitated by Junior School Principal, the four-hour-long session helped teachers understand the difference between standards, practices, and program requirements. The teachers formed groups to compare the old and the new sets of standards and presented their findings.

The session was a reflection of a dynamic IB classroom with learners developing and demonstrating an array of skills and attitudes along with the construction of knowledge and sharing experiences.

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