Early Years celebrated 2018’s ‘Winter’ arrival on Friday, 7th December. We encouraged our students to urge their moms to dig deep into their closets and pull out the warmest winter gear for the day.

The teachers and students discussed the weather conditions specific to this season and how to keep healthy during winter by taking some simple precautions.

, As usual, the highlight of the day was munching and enjoying winter goodies sitting around a gentle bonfire.

The verses below describe the scenario beautifully.

A pair of mittens , and a pair of boots, A bright woolen cap, And warm winter suits., Here comes the winter with its windy hoots, A bowl of hot soup , And a steaming cup of tea;, And getting around the bonfire, As close as we can be,To welcome the winter with a shivering glee., Teary eyes and runny nose, Numb fingers and freeing toes, Chilling winds and a lazy sun, Cold weather means so much fun, Celebrate the winter, With joy and everyone.

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