EY Sports Day -2022-23

EY Sports Day -2022-23

Victory is in having done your best. If you’ve done your best, you’ve won.” – Billy Bowerman

On the delightful winter morning of 21st January 2023, Early Years EPS witnessed an exciting event, which brought together students and teachers, parents, as well as grandparents. The event started with a warm welcome note from the Senior School students, followed by an opening ceremony marked with colorful balloons creating an atmosphere of excitement and thrill. The event kicked off with a grand participants’ march, where all the participants walked past the parents with spirit, enthusiasm, and anticipation for the activities lined up for the day.

The students then performed a series of PE drills with shiny props, showing off their coordination, discipline, and endurance. The drills were wrapped up with a charged  performance on “We are the Dreamers” words, leaving the students inspired and the audience impressed.

The event featured various athletic challenges, including the most popular races like the cycle race, relay race, and obstacle races. For the first time ever, grade-level marathons were introduced. To everyone’s surprise, the EY kids enjoyed and did remarkably well in these challenging events displaying endurance and physical fitness.

The overwhelming and enthusiastic participation of the parents and grandparents in the activities planned for them turned out to be the highlights of the day. They were emotional, enthralled, nostalgic, and ecstatic, all at once, making the event unforgettable for them as well as the school. The parents appreciated the flawless flow of events and the noticeably evident teamwork, coordination, and contribution of the EY team, Senior School students, and the PE team

The event ended with medals awarded to all the winners, including parents, and grandparents, to acknowledge their achievements. There were rewards for all participants too.

Overall, the event was a huge success, bringing the EPS community together and creating a platform to celebrate physical fitness, energy, strength, determination, teamwork, and sportsmanship.


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  • Azad khan
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    Very very congratulations E-P-S. School for a organisation sport day and many many congratulations all students to the participants this sports function
    Specially congratulations
    most success feature in your life. Because your dream high do the work hard….

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