Eastern Public School Celebrated Annual Sports Day

Eastern Public School Celebrated Annual Sports Day

Indeed, it was a day filled with fervour amidst thrills, shrills, and cheers. Sports is not just about winning, it is about building interpersonal bonds and participating for the honour of sports, the glory of the game, and the spirit of sportsmanship. A throng of people gathered in the vast field at EPS to celebrate the Senior School Annual Sports Day on December 22, 2022. The day included a one-legged race, Ball in the Bucket and Spoon & lemon Race, Tug of War, and track events such as Hurdle and Relay for students. The students displayed a wide array of energetic and bouncy sports events. Parents and staff members also participated in various sports activities. Everyone present there observed a great level of enthusiasm by students and a sense of team spirit that can only be seen in sports.


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    It was a great day

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