Early Years’ ‘Rain-soaked Day’

Early Years’ ‘Rain-soaked Day’

Early Years’ ‘Rain-soaked Day’ was rescheduled to Friday, 26th July after tracking strong indications of rain for the day by IMD, but nature had decided otherwise.

It was a bit disappointing for teachers but young kids have a fantastic ability to adapt to new and unforeseen situations and enjoy themselves no matter what. They created a rainbow with their pretty, brightly colored monsoon wear, raincoats, and umbrellas and cheered up the spirit of the entire EY.

The other big attraction of the day is always a huge hit with young and old foodies alike-the preparation of monsoon goodies. The kids watched with twinkling, delighted eyes and eager taste-buds; the journey of sizzling hot corns, pakodas, and dumplings, right from the kitchen containers to their plates.

The teachers discussed ‘water cycle’ in nature and asked students to praise Allah for sending rainwater for the sustenance of living things and continuation of life on Earth. And it seems Allah answered our praise by soaking the entire city with bountiful rains in the following days.

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