Early Years Award Ceremony 2018-19

Early Years Award Ceremony 2018-19

The mighty Sun lamented, “Who will light the world when I am gone?”

The tiny lamp flickered and timidly replied, ‘I shall try.’

In our sincere search to identify such tiny lamps, nurture and polish them to facilitate them shine brighter and longer, we observe our students vigilantly and expectantly throughout the year. An award ceremony is a formal way of conferring recognition on these budding icons of excellence because if a child is appreciated, he does more than what is expected of him.

Teamwork and ownership is a tradition of EPS and EY Award Ceremony 2018-19 was a perfect example of this spirit. Right from the planning of each and every minuscule requirement to the flow of events up to the picture perfect group photos at the end of the day, on 11th April 2019, Team EY didn’t face a moment of anxiety. Besides the customary award categories, this year we launched some interesting titles for our EY students to vie for. Spell Bee, Leader Reader, Clean & Clear Pleasing Personality, Being Human, Self-Motivated Learner, Creative Hands and Reflective Speaker of the class were the new entries. The awards were presented by our Head of the School, Javed Sir.

One of the highlights of the day was the felicitation of our four-year-old Jaza Khan and her parents for one of the most challenging accomplishments—100% Attendance in this academic year. Jaza and her parents are an exemplar for everyone at EPS.

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