PYP Students Led Conference 2019

PYP Students Led Conference 2019

This year the PYP student-led conference was in headlines from the beginning for being the ‘first-ever Digital SLC’ of PYP. The Student-Led Conference is a formal interaction of students with their parents wherein they show their enriched performance.

The PYP SLC from grade 3 to 5 was held on November 16. Interestingly, for the first time, it was a Digital SLC wherein the teachers were just the facilitator and students took up the ownership. Students lead parents through a discussion of their work and established academic and social goals.

In a candid rendezvous with me, the students shared about their journey, and some shared really amazing experiences of first-ever e-portfolios. Zunaira Khan from grade 5C shared, “We were working on our task sheets and scanning them followed by making our websites in the ICT lab, which was the most exhilarating part.”

Khadeeja Abrar of 3B stated that when she presented her E-portfolio to her parents, they felt extremely proud of her.

Aliya Khan from grade 3C, while sharing her experience, said, “I was very excited to show my parents my first-ever E-Portfolio, so when my Father came in my class, I welcomed him with a flag saying Listen with your heart.”

SLC is not just about portfolios but also about presenting different stations of the classes and share our learning journey with our parents. Fuzail Ali from grade 5 said that my parents loved the class tour, where we exhibited the Math and Language stations. Another student from grade 5 Hassan expressed, “In SLC we, the students have the agency i.e., the voice, choice and ownership, and a propensity to take action.”

Another student from grade 4C Maysara said, “It was such a wonderful experience to show our improvements through sheets in an E-portfolio to our parents, they were surprised to see our amazing journey of learning.”

Student-Led Conference gave us a chance to be the owners of our work, and through this, we also got to know our areas of improvement further, which we even mentioned in our goals. This wouldn’t have been possible without the guidance of our teachers.

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