EPSites’ Brilliant Performance in IGCSE Exams

EPSites’ Brilliant Performance in IGCSE Exams

The EPSites added another feather in their cap with their astounding success at IGCSE 2021. EPS is proud of the impressive results of our Grade 10 students, who have achieved 58 A*s and 24 As altogether.

Excellent individual performers and the topmost trailblazers, Ayan ul Hasan, with all 7A* and Aleena Khan, with 6A* under their belt, are the new face and role-models of EPS, setting the trend and culture of the new EPS

Hats off to the students of this cohort who rose above the unprecedented challenges and coped admirably with the unique circumstances and demonstrated their invincible spirits and strived through our robust internal assessment process, constructing excellent knowledge and skills.

As ever, this was a brilliant team effort, professionalism, and dedication of our teachers for their students.


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