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Art & Craft Club
“Creativity takes courage” by Henri Matisse. This quotation was applicable throughout my first ever CAS Experience: The Arts Club. This experience can be divided into 3 predominant sections namely Nature Craft, Best Out of Waste and Canvas Painting. With the help of these different activities, I was able to improve myself as a communicator, thinker etc. Through this experience, I was able to identify my strengths and weaknesses. Despite my lack of interest in arts, I was able to take this challenge and developed new skills in the process.

By Zohair Ansari (Gr.XI)


Arabic & Tafseer
I chose Arabic and Tafseer as part of my creativity club wanting to learn and understand the beautiful language that I almost come across every day. This was a great opportunity for me to get closer to my religion and add another skill to my list. My goal from the start was to enhance my communication skills and I have definitely achieved that. Every class taught me more and more about how to be better at conversing in Arabic and understand the language better.

By Sidra Parvez (Gr.XII)


Cookery Club
As a part of our CAS, I had selected my creativity club as ‘cookery club’. Here my group mates and I made all sorts of dishes including Pasta, Salad, Stew, Deserts, and Roasts. While working together in a group, I learned so many things which I would have never learned while cooking alone. I learned how to work collaboratively, how to cook a delicious cuisine in a given time and of course how to undertake new challenges. During my cookery club, I faced many challenges like; deciding which utensils should be used, over heating the food, over baking the cake, adding too much spices and of course not reading the complete recipe before cooking. However, learning how to overcome challenges made me realise the passion I had for cooking and I would be able to implement these skills I learned in the future as well.

By Aaliya Khan (Gr.XI)