“Adventures are some of the moments in life that make our hearts pump faster and give us the feeling of being alive and full”.

From October 21 to 23, 2023, senior school students (grades 9–12) from Eastern Public School participated in an adventure camp at Pachmarhi organized by the Junoon Adventure group, under the supervision of senior teachers and CAS Coordinator Faheem M.Khan.

SS students embarked on a thrilling adventure camp as part of their IB Diploma Programme Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS) activity. Nestled amidst nature’s embrace, the camp provided an immersive experience, blending adventure and learning. Under the vast open sky, students honed essential life skills like teamwork, leadership, and resilience through a series of challenging outdoor activities, including zip line, rope climbing, cycling on the rope, tire tunnels, rope walking, hanging activities, tracking, and a jungle safari on the Gypsy at Satpura Tiger Reserve.
This expedition not only tested their physical mettle but also fostered a deep sense of environmental stewardship, instilling in them a profound respect for nature. The adventure camp catalyzed self-discovery, pushing the boundaries of their comfort zones and encouraging them to embrace new challenges. Amidst laughter, shared victories, and the beauty of the great outdoors, lifelong friendships were forged. This unforgettable experience not only fulfilled the CAS requirements but also left an enduring impact on these young minds, shaping them into resilient, compassionate, and well-rounded individuals ready to face the challenges of the future.

Indeed, it was a day filled with fervour amidst thrills, shrills, and cheers. Sports is not just about winning, it is about building interpersonal bonds and participating for the honour of sports, the glory of the game, and the spirit of sportsmanship. A throng of people gathered in the vast field at EPS to celebrate the Senior School Annual Sports Day on December 22, 2022. The day included a one-legged race, Ball in the Bucket and Spoon & lemon Race, Tug of War, and track events such as Hurdle and Relay for students. The students displayed a wide array of energetic and bouncy sports events. Parents and staff members also participated in various sports activities. Everyone present there observed a great level of enthusiasm by students and a sense of team spirit that can only be seen in sports.

Games are an essential element of holistic development because they foster competition while preserving the values of integrity and togetherness. On December 19, 2022, Eastern Public School’s Department of Physical and Health Education organised the school’s most eagerly awaited football and handball competitions.

For grades six through twelve, students from all four houses (Hazrat Uthman R.A., Hazrat Abubakar R.A., Hazrat Ali R.A., and Hazrat Umar R.A.) showcased their skills and determination on the field.

The boys showed great sportsmanship and team spirit in the inter-house football competition this year. The games were incredibly close, so much so that a penalty shoot-out was required to determine the final winner. Blue House (Hazrat Uthman R.A.) won the competition by a score of 3-1.

In the handball girls’ event, Red House (Hazrat Ali R.A.) gave an impressive performance and bagged the first position.

Football was a part of the activity in CAS. Football is a great form of exercise as there is lots of running. Through playing the sport I really explored by physical ability, strengths and weaknesses. Many people consider football at its highest level to be so beautiful as to be practically an art form. The skill at which great players and great football teams work the ball, strategize, and flow as one can be an awesome thing to play. I feel through this CAS experience I have become a better footballer and have more confidence in myself to do anything that requires physical exertion.

By Mohammed Ilays (Gr.XII)


Martial Arts
Martial art was a part of our activity in CAS. Our Goal was to learn taekwondo a form of martial arts. This activity helped us identify our own strengths and weaknesses. This form of martial is very difficult when it comes to learning some type of kicks. We all showed commitment and perseverance in this activity and took challenges which were difficult to achieve(like the certain type of kicks). Basically, this activity will help in self-defence in the future.

By Taha Khalid (Gr.XI)


As part of Activity in CAS which aims to promote a healthy lifestyle, we had taken up Basketball to learn new skills and identify our areas of strength. The lesson plan was made to learn one skill in two classes, henceforth I have developed skills like dribbling, defending, passing, throwing the ball in the basket. This activity has not only helped me to develop a healthy lifestyle but also collaborative skills and has made me balanced. After learning this sport I have also improved my coordination and this has made me a principled sportsperson.

By Ayesha Ahmed (Gr.XII)


Adventure Camp
Basically my goal was to accomplish all the 7 learning outcomes and to overcome my weaknesses by enjoying each and every moment with my friends and teachers. The most amazing part is that not only me but most of us accomplished that mission. One new thing which we enhanced in ourselves was that we built good relationships with our friends and teachers after staying there for 3 days. Some of the unforgettable moments were rappelling, rope climbing, river crossing, zipping, night trekking, 13 km trek in the morning and how can I forget the food we ate there. I basically had life experiences which I never had before. I experienced that life which I just see underprivileged people living. I actually felt their real pain after living there for three days. My respect for those people increased further and will never end.

By Zehra Ibrahim (Gr.XI)