Acquiring knowledge is not a complete empowerment in itself; at E.P. S., our entire team strives to develop each and every child into a complete human-being who learns to discover his/her full potential as an individual, a professional and as a member of the communities he/she belongs to.
Through events like ‘Annual Learning Fiesta’ which was organized on 13th Jan, 2019 our students develop and refine multiple skills and attitudes. The event is a reflection of their research, thinking, social, and self-management and communication skills.

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Early Years Learning Fest 2018-19 showcased the collaborative efforts by the HRTs, Art Department, our housekeeping team and most precious, our 3to 6 year old EPSites. A walk down the green and colorful world of ‘Plants’ –created and presented by K.G.II followed by an interesting and intriguing world of ’Visual Language’ ‘ by K.G.I was a feast and treat to behold. And our youngest show stoppers,-the Nursery contributed by sharing everything they have learned in the first year of their school life.

PYP Exhibition: The PYP Exhibition was all about the fifth graders working on global challenges and taking action. The 11 year old students worked on their fifth Unit of Inquiry ‘Who We Are’. The students of grade five exhibited and demonstrated their research projects which offered the solutions to the problems dealing with various issues and suggested the actions taken to resolve the real life concerns. The event began with splendid stage performances by tiny tots of the school. Later, the Grade 5 students presented their learning on six major global challenges including Child Rights, Maintaining Health and Fitness, Bullying, Addiction, Food Adulteration and Food Wastage.
The parents along with entire school faculty and students were the part of this exhibition. It was an overwhelming experience for the visitors as the students with much buoyancy and confidence interacted with them and explained each concept.

CAS Fair: During the amazing CAS Fairs students showcased their progress that they achieved through various extracurricular activities, and how it changed them as learners. Additionally, students of grade 11 found the CAS Fair a great opportunity to raise funds for Project Infaaq – an annual project aimed at providing food packets to the people of Abbas Nagar during the month of Ramadan. They set up engaging game stalls and food stalls that attracted hundreds of visitors. The profit that they gained from the stalls would then be added to the funds for Project Infaaq.
Each CAS experience teaches students something new, and this one was no exception. As the CAS Fair was the first event organized almost entirely by our batch, we realized for the first time that organizing an event is no easy task. As one of the leaders of the organizing team, I am certain that the CAS Fair was indeed a very successful CAS Experience.

Makers’ Park: This year we introduced Makers Park displaying the research work of children. Parents were mesmerized after looking at research done by these budding scientists. The confidence of the children and their way of explaining their machines was appreciated by all. Projector, Wire maze, Makey -makey, Pulley, Bubble machine, Hydraulic Arm were some of the main attractions for the spectators. Makers Park was filled with an air of knowledge and inquiry. Faiza Khan & Nida Sheeba (Makers team Members)


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    Mesmerizing Performances. A Great Show!! Masha Allah .

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