ACER International Benchmarking Test @EPS Session 2021-22

ACER International Benchmarking Test @EPS Session 2021-22

EPS always encourages its students to take up world-class academic challenges to prepare themselves for success in a continuously evolving and competitive world.

This year about 137 EPS students from Grade 3 to Grade 10 participated in the International Benchmark Tests (IBT) – an internationally administered and acknowledged assessment program to compare students’ academic profiles in different subjects at grade, school, national and global levels where individuals, as well as group progress, are tracked against international standards.

The IBT was conducted online in the 2nd and 3rd weeks of December 2021. Most of the registered

students appeared for three subjects-English, Mathematics, and Science and demonstrated great enthusiasm and zeal. The tests were administered smoothly by a small yet highly efficient team consisting of EPS ICT Educators, JS, and SS secretaries, and the IT Support team. Eastern Public School grabs this opportunity every year as an external and independent platform to evaluate its teaching and learning programs and raise the bar and set new and challenging goals year after year.

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