Al Qura’an Workshop

Al Qura’an Workshop

At Eastern Public School, teachers got an opportunity to get connected with Quran through an interactive three-day Teachers Training Workshop. The workshop was held from December 25 to 27 and was an amazing experience for all the participants.

The workshop was conducted by Understand Al-Quran Academy. The workshop leader Abdul Raheem from Hyderabad interacted with the teachers. The workshop was successful as we met the objective to realize the importance of understanding and applying the guidance from Quran in our lives. The wonderful activities and collaborations were an eye-opener for all of us.

A mesmerizing experience

Huma Khan Educator (participant)

I was fortunate enough to get the golden opportunity to attend the fabulous Teachers Training workshop about Understanding Quran in this esteemed institution.

The mesmerizing experience of those three days is really difficult to express in a few words. Every single moment of the workshop was a kind of life-changing experience for me.

The positive aura of the entire campus was also a remarkable fact. I am also grateful to the canteen staff for making arrangements for sumptuous food at such a reasonable rate. I wish that we should get more and more opportunities for attending such workshops.

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