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“EPS aims to produce eminent professionals and entrepreneurs with strong ethical foundation who could master the expanding horizons of arts, literature, science & technology to help create a justice-driven, peaceful and prosperous world through academic excellence integrated with core Islamic values.”

In order to achieve this, EPSites have access to best growth opportunities through cutting-edge teaching methodology and rigorous assessment. EPS also affords a platform for physical, mental, and spiritual development for its students to become exemplary citizens with a sense of self-esteem, patriotism, compassion, and tolerance.
Thus, three E’s of EPS: Education, Ethics, and Enterprise signify our Mission Statement.

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ISP Mission statement:

“To develop pedagogical material and nurture Human Resources for teaching, developing and reinforcing the middle “E” of EPS across all stakeholders. for the benefit of common humanity & shared guardianship of the planet.”
Alhamdulillah- Eastern Public School is
The Only Islamic IB World School in India.

Philosophy of ISP

We focus on character because building it is the crux of our faith as – Prophet Muhammad said”……
“Verily, the best people in Islam are those with the best character” (Musnad Ahmad)

– We don’t teach Arabic as a language except whatever is required to understand obligatory Islamic teachings and practices.

We don’t teach controversial fiqh (jurisprudence) related issues except what is generally required for day-to-day practices without imposing one opinion over the other.

Students and parents are free to choose their school-of-thought as long as it has sanction in the Quran & Sunnah. We strongly believe that disagreeing with someone’s opinion does not give anyone the right to be disrespectful to others. This is why disrespecting other people especially people of knowledge, scholars or different sects, faiths, etc. is highly discouraged. The objective of the Islamic Studies Program is not to make the students scholars of Islam. We only endeavor to teach and nurture our students to have the best possible character.

ISP Framework

  • Memorisation (Hifz) Of surahs from Juzz Amma i.e 30th Para, starts from Gr. Nursery and is completed by Gr.10.
  • Understand Quran: Short Tafseer with translation of surahs from Juzz Amma i.e 30th Para of Quran.
  • Islamic values:
    • Patience
    • Humility
    • Forgiveness
    • Sacrifice
    • Gratitude
    • Compassion
    • Generosity
    • Honesty
    • Justice
  • Islamic History
  • Islamic integration

● Project Infaq
● Hajj Training Programmes
● Khutbah Training
● Leadership training of student council

Bonding with school Community:

    • Parenting sessions
    • SLC & meetings
  • Staff Quranic sessions
  • Teachers training programs
  • Islamic coaching : In groups & One on one for senior students.


  • To strengthen belief system
  • To Understand the Purpose of our creation
  •  Develop the concept of Tawheed
  •  To Strengthen Taqwa
  •  To develop Sense of responsibility
  •  To develop love and fear of Allah
  • Bring closer to Allah
  •  To develop the ability of thinking in the right direction
  •  To reflect on creations of Allah
  • To give direction to their craving soul
  • To develop an aim towards Jannah
  • To distinguish between worldly life and the Life after death.
  •  To develop the Islamic way of life from the lessons of Islamic history.
  •  To make connections from the past to the present.
  •  To build knowledge of rewards and consequences by our Lord from different stories of Islamic history.
  • To develop real-life values from Stories of Islamic history.
  • Building Character/Islamic Personality
  • Recognizing the rights and responsibilities
  • To differentiate between good and bad habits
  • To apply ethical values in real life.
  • To learn and develop the Prophetic ways of Pleasing Allah
  • Recognizing the reason of Ibaadah
  •  To make them realize that every act can be Ibaadah
  •  Consequences of Ibaadah and no Ibaadah
1. Invocations ( Dua)
  • To understand Importance of invocations in daily life.
  • To enhance tawakkul
  • To Develop closeness & connection with Allah
  • To understand Remembrance of Allah
  • To learn, understand & apply in real life.
2. SURAH from Juzz Ammah
  • Learn & understand the appropriate method of Quran recitation.
  • Use of appropriate Tajweed elements in Quran recitation.
  • To Understand Quran – A message and guide from Allah for the whole mankind
  • To Understand the balance between justice and truth through Quran.
  • To strengthen Aqeedah by understanding the meaning & message from Quran.
  • To Strengthen faith in Allah, Prophet(ﷺ) & Day of Judgement.
  • To Understand & apply in real life the lessons from Quran.

Team ISP

Ms.Arshi Shahab (ISP Coordinator/ Educator)
MOHD KASHIF (Islamic Studies Program Secretary)
Ms.Maria Siddiqui (Islamic Studies Educator: Middle School)
Mr.Mohammed Aslam Hyder Quraishi (Islamic Studies Educator: Middle School)
Ms.Hina Farhaan (Islamic Studies Educator: PYP)
Ms.Subhnoor Khan (Islamic Studies Educator: PYP)
Ms.Mubina Ali (Quranic Studies Educator:EY & MS)
Ms.Qudsia Raees (Quranic Studies Educator: PYP & MS)
Mr.Mohammad Akram Falahi (Quranic Studies Educator:PYP & MS)
Mr.Syed Haider Ali (Quranic Studies Educator: (PYP & MS)
Mr. Mohd.Irshad Masood (Quranic studies Educator: EY& PYP)