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Art & Craft Club
“Creativity takes courage” by Henri Matisse. This quotation was applicable throughout my first ever CAS Experience: The Arts Club. This experience can be divided into 3 predominant sections namely Nature Craft, Best Out of Waste and Canvas Painting. With the help of these different activities, I was able to improve myself as a communicator, thinker etc. Through this experience, I was able to identify my strengths and weaknesses. Despite my lack of interest in arts, I was able to take this challenge and developed new skills in the process.

By Zohair Ansari (Gr.XI)


Arabic & Tafseer
I chose Arabic and Tafseer as part of my creativity club wanting to learn and understand the beautiful language that I almost come across every day. This was a great opportunity for me to get closer to my religion and add another skill to my list. My goal from the start was to enhance my communication skills and I have definitely achieved that. Every class taught me more and more about how to be better at conversing in Arabic and understand the language better.

By Sidra Parvez (Gr.XII)


Cookery Club
As a part of our CAS, I had selected my creativity club as ‘cookery club’. Here my group mates and I made all sorts of dishes including Pasta, Salad, Stew, Deserts, and Roasts. While working together in a group, I learned so many things which I would have never learned while cooking alone. I learned how to work collaboratively, how to cook a delicious cuisine in a given time and of course how to undertake new challenges. During my cookery club, I faced many challenges like; deciding which utensils should be used, over heating the food, over baking the cake, adding too much spices and of course not reading the complete recipe before cooking. However, learning how to overcome challenges made me realise the passion I had for cooking and I would be able to implement these skills I learned in the future as well.

By Aaliya Khan (Gr.XI)

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Football was a part of the activity in CAS. Football is a great form of exercise as there is lots of running. Through playing the sport I really explored by physical ability, strengths and weaknesses. Many people consider football at its highest level to be so beautiful as to be practically an art form. The skill at which great players and great football teams work the ball, strategize, and flow as one can be an awesome thing to play. I feel through this CAS experience I have become a better footballer and have more confidence in myself to do anything that requires physical exertion.

By Mohammed Ilays (Gr.XII)


Martial Arts
Martial art was a part of our activity in CAS. Our Goal was to learn taekwondo a form of martial arts. This activity helped us identify our own strengths and weaknesses. This form of martial is very difficult when it comes to learning some type of kicks. We all showed commitment and perseverance in this activity and took challenges which were difficult to achieve(like the certain type of kicks). Basically, this activity will help in self-defence in the future.

By Taha Khalid (Gr.XI)


As part of Activity in CAS which aims to promote a healthy lifestyle, we had taken up Basketball to learn new skills and identify our areas of strength. The lesson plan was made to learn one skill in two classes, henceforth I have developed skills like dribbling, defending, passing, throwing the ball in the basket. This activity has not only helped me to develop a healthy lifestyle but also collaborative skills and has made me balanced. After learning this sport I have also improved my coordination and this has made me a principled sportsperson.

By Ayesha Ahmed (Gr.XII)


Adventure Camp
Basically my goal was to accomplish all the 7 learning outcomes and to overcome my weaknesses by enjoying each and every moment with my friends and teachers. The most amazing part is that not only me but most of us accomplished that mission. One new thing which we enhanced in ourselves was that we built good relationships with our friends and teachers after staying there for 3 days. Some of the unforgettable moments were rappelling, rope climbing, river crossing, zipping, night trekking, 13 km trek in the morning and how can I forget the food we ate there. I basically had life experiences which I never had before. I experienced that life which I just see underprivileged people living. I actually felt their real pain after living there for three days. My respect for those people increased further and will never end.

By Zehra Ibrahim (Gr.XI)

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Project Infaaq
Project Infaaq is a service project wherein our school helps the underprivileged people of Abbas Nagar in the month of Ramadan by distributing food packets to them. It takes place every year and is one of the significant events of our school. This year, our target was to provide succour to 800 families and in order to accomplish this target, we were successful in collecting 13 lakhs from the school community. The execution of this project required a lot of planning and hardwork. Throughout, we encountered a lot of challenges and difficulties but nevertheless, we were committed in making this project a success. This project was a crucial part of CAS through which we have developed all the 7 learning outcomes and furthermore, fulfilled the 5 stages in CAS (Investigation, Preparation, Action, Reflection and Demonstration). This project was beneficial in developing new skills in me and making me a better person.

By Riza Shahab (Gr.XII)


Clothes Collection Drive
As the part of service in CAS, we started a project which was clothes collection drive wherein we had to collect old clothes from our school community so, that we can provide those clothes to destitute people of Abbas Nagar. Our aim was to help people in Abbas Nagar by giving them clothes. Through this project, we were successful in achieving our aim and managed to provide clothes to people more than we aimed. The collection of clothes and paring the clothes was a bit difficult and challenging but as a team, we worked towards our goal. During the paring of the clothes, we were dealing with people who have different perspective and choice which enhanced our collaborative skills. After the collection and packing of the clothes were we went on to give the packets to people of Abbas Nagar, there we achieved global engagement by knowing people and help them whom we have never met before. After all, this was one of the service which helped us to achieve almost all the 7 outcome and developed skills in us.

By Bushra Ahmed (Gr.XI)


Do it Yourself (DIY)
DIY CLASSES were a part of service in CAS. Wherein our goal was to teach people how to create best out of waste which will enhance their creativity and also they will create productive things which they might even sell and earn money out of it. Our whole purpose for being in this group is to raise awareness about recycling product and making the best use of waste. DIY Classes create a great opportunity for us as a student to achieve CAS outcomes. Each and every class helps us to develop our skills and overcoming our weaknesses.

By Urooj Zafar (Gr.XI)


CAS Fair

During the amazing CAS, Fairs students showcased their progress that they achieved through various extracurricular activities, and how it changed them as learners. Additionally, students of grade 11 found the CAS Fair a great opportunity to raise funds for Project Infaaq – an annual project aimed at providing food packets to the people of Abbas Nagar during the month of Ramadan. They set up engaging game stalls and food stalls that attracted hundreds of visitors. The profit that they gained from the stalls would then be added to the funds for Project Infaaq.

Each CAS experience teaches students something new, and this one was no exception. As the CAS Fair was the first event organized almost entirely by our batch, we realized for the first time that organizing an event is no easy task. As one of the leaders of the organizing team, I am certain that the CAS Fair was indeed a very successful CAS Experience.

By Ariba Siddiqui (Gr.XI)