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Besides IB’s all the three programs, EPS is also pleased to offer IGCSE course of Cambridge University. This makes EPS the very first school in Bhopal that offers all the very best international courses to our kids. EPS is already the second IB School in Madhya Pradesh.

With increased competition in every field and challenging/complex career choices, it has become imperative for our students to make the right choices for their future. Choosing world’s very best curriculum and assessment programs will prepare our students for professional and personal life’s never ending challenges and will allow them to stand above the crowd, in Shaa Allah. Offering such unique and high-quality choices is in line with our mission of providing elite education (not just education to elite) to our coming generations.

The IGCSE is a 2-year course for grades 9 and 10. To maintain consistency, IGCSE is being implemented within the framework of IB’s Middle Years Programme (MYP).



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