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Grandparents’ Day

Grandparents; the word itself explains - a combination of parents and greatness.

Grandparents – The most important link to one's personal history and cultural heritage, are a vital vitamin too, for the emotional health of young ones in today's fast-paced world of fragile relationships. We celebrated this beautiful relationship of mutual unconditional love, generosity and transcending happiness on 'Fantabulous Friday' (28th September 2016) as 'Grandparents Day'. It was touching to see the grandparents walking in with an air of dignity and enthusiasm, braving the odds of age, frailty and poor health, just to see the delight on the faces of their grandchildren. It was the first exposure, to a large audience for our Nursery and K.G. kids but the well-drilled excitement to make their grandparents proud, gave the kids unwavering confidence to perform without fear. They also gave flowers, made beautiful cards and served snacks to their grandparents. The vigor and enthusiasm displayed by our guests during games made all our efforts worth.

And, we received the highly coveted rewards of all –their blessings for sustenance and success.


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