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(1) Admissions Open for the session 2019-20      (2)  MYP- PTM (Mid-sem) 15-12-2018     (3)  Lake Conservation Authority-Gr.11 (Sci.) on 18-12-2018     (4)  MYP Islamic Quiz on 19-12-2018     (5)  IIMUN from 21 to 23 Dec 2018

The Challenge

Our children are the future of our society and our nation. It is our moral and national responsibility to ensure their success in this temporary life and the eternal life (Akhira'h).

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The Solution

Realizing it as the need of the hour, we at EPS are making a sincere effort to impart integrated modern and religious education...

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Why Islamic School ?

Complete understanding of one's own religion makes the followers of that religion a better ambassador thereby avoiding cultural/religious misgivings...

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Mission EPS

EPS aims to produce eminent professionals and entrepreneurs with strong ethical foundation who have mastered...

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