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1.     Rainwater Harvesting

The term rainwater harvesting is being frequently used these days. However, the concept of water harvesting is not new in India. Water harvesting techniques have been evolved and developed centuries ago. The most frequently asked question is: why one should harvest rainwater? There are many reasons but the following are some of the important ones:

·        To arrest groundwater decline and augment ground water table

·        To beneficiate water quality in aquifers

·        To conserve surface water runoff during monsoon

·        To reduce soil erosion

·       To inculcate a culture of water conservation in line with Islamic teachings

EPS has deployed water harvesting systems across the entire campus. Our aim is to conserve rainwater by rooftop rainwater harvesting system. This method seeks to provide a source of water for toilet gardening, flushing, washing and after toilet use etc.

2-      RO Water plant

A Reverse Osmosis water treatment plant has been set up at EPS for the benefit of students. RO is the finest water purification technology in the world. It involves the passage of water from the section containing a lower concentration of an ionic substance to a higher concentration section when the two are separated by a semi-permeable membrane. At EPS, every single drop of drinking water goes through this process to ensure the highest level of water hygiene for our students and staff.

3-      Security cameras

Safeguarding the well being of all students and staff of EPS is our primary concern. High-quality Internet-Protocol (IP) school security cameras are an important tool for ensuring the safety of our students on school premises. Apart from closely watching the safety and security of students, other challenges such as violence or vandalism on campus find school security cameras an indispensable aid to promptly identify and resolve issues as they arise.

IP cameras also allow us to broadcast footage over the internet, making it easy for the management to monitor our school activities all the time. Conspicuously placed school surveillance cameras have been shown to reduce threats of violence and vandalism drastically.

Security cameras focusing on entrance doors help our administrative staff monitor visitors and make sure they are properly signed in, while still allowing our students to move safely and freely around the campus.

4- Daily SMS Service:

Apart from intellectual and moral development, each student’s safety and security is very important to us. All those students who are absent from school, one or both of their parents are informed through SMS every morning. This is to ensure that these students are not lost in the transit.

5. WhatsApp Service:

Apart from SMS the School also uses WhatsApp service to communicate important messages to the parents and apprise them of urgent matter which may need their attention. The school’s WhatsApp no. is +919584111155


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